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Searching for a New Foundation? Try Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup, It’s Magical.

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Giorgio-Armani-Maestro Foundation Makeup

Hey Dolls!

Amanda Here

So I have been on the hunt for the perfect foundation makeup for my everyday wear for pretty much most my life.  I have a list of  demands that have never been met until now.  I inherited a bottle of Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation makeup from a makeup artist friend who had purchased the product for herself  and got the wrong color, so it was my lucky day.  Let me give you a run down on what to expect from this special guy.

I have extremely oily skin, so when I heard this foundation was pigments suspended in oil I was a little nervous about how shiny I was going to look.  I have never been afraid of oils in my makeup as long as we are not talking about mineral oil.  So I open the bottle, use the medicine dropper, and put about 3 drops on my hand.  I grab my 130 MAC Cosmetics duo fiber makeup brush and get to work.  The foundation glides across my face evenly, covering my very red acne scars and leaving my skin with a natural satin finish, resembling skin, not looking like a heavy foundation.

At this point I have my foundation applied and I am already impressed with its finish, texture, color, and over all appearance.  My next hurdle will be the longevity of the wear.  I have tried everything, and about four hours in  I have a bright red nose.  Well, seven hours later I needed a little touch up, but it is the longest anything as stayed on to date.

My next request would be that my makeup be affordable.  I have never thought one should have to spend a fortune to look their best, so this is very important to me.  This foundation retails for $62.  That is a pretty steep price tag in my world.  I am not sure I would have taken the financial plunge on this one, but it was given to me.  Having used this makeup for about three weeks now I have not even put a dent in it.  I can only give an estimate on how long it is going to last me, but I am guessing over four months.  Also, while I love using my MAC 130 brush to apply the foundation, it looks great when applied with fingers, saving some cash on applicators.

Over all I am completely satisfied with this foundation.  I have gotten nothing but compliments on how nice my skin looks over the past few weeks, not compliments on my foundation.  So if you are looking for a foundation makeup that gives you coverage without looking heavy, wears well throughout the day,and has a super natural finish, this will be your new best friend.  It is truly the closest thing to airbrush makeup in a bottle and who doesn’t want that.



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